Thursday, November 12, 2009

My autumnal garden

Autumn is quickly heading towards winter. And so the garden pulls up its winter cloak and leans into the frosty winds of December...

The Callery Pear is always a bit slow in redressing itself for the changing seasons, it has retain its lovely garments in the colors of golds, and bright oranges, and burnt burgundies, longer than its counterparts, the Flowering Crab Apple, Flowering Plum and tall Birch... their naked branches silently swaying in the air like a skeleton’s boney arms...The ground has turned clammy, covered in leaves and ready for dormancy.

They’re so much to discover here: little secret places, leave-covered fairy holes under the butterfly bush, underbrush awaken by magic in the early morning... the garden has become a poet’s palettes of sensations and emotions.... pretty soon it will be like waking from a dream and stepping out into the world once again.

The birdfeeders had been emptied for a while, but again the birds are finding all sorts of goodies everywhere. They are busy flying around, twittering and fluttering as they find new seeds and a fresh supply of suet to suit their bud taste....

During the shorts cool evenings of autumn, my world turns magical... a weak sun strut by my kitchen window every evening, as he kisses good-night the sleepy garden—swathing it in silence, and a kind of muffled darkness.... when the nights come in, earlier now, I can see the sky layered in the same autumnal colors as the sun goes down, until it becomes blackened with shadows and dark clouds...

Far away, the little houses all dotted with lights make me think of people, and what they’d be doing in their houses that very moment... cooking dinner in kitchens of warm houses, getting little children cozy up in warm, fuzzy footie pajamas, as they begin their imagined evenings. As for me and my man, in a little while we’ll be in bed surrounded by heaps of feathery fluffy white pillows and the night “Sally Holmes-breeze” scratching our window outside.

I just love this time of the year!

ps: Please remember that our Pfaltzgraff giveaway will be ending next Monday, so you still have time to participate. Good luck to ya' all!