Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my baby - Sept 24

My sweet boy, I dreamt of you long before you were even born. I remember vividly the moment when I saw you. Not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. It wasn’t when I felt the first kick of your precious little foot in my womb, nor was it when the doctor lifted you up to me, and in the slumber of surgery I saw you, still wet from the amniotic fluid and crying.  It was in that joyful moment when I realized God meant for you to be; that you'd become what you are today. You see, God had you in His mind ever since the beginning of time... I had you in my heart ever since I thought of you that very first time before you came to be.

Before you were born, I already had two little angels --your brother and sister-- but silently, I still waited for you. Right after your litter sister was born, someone very dear to me talked about sterilization. "You already have the perfect pair of babies".  They said.  But my heart was shattered.  How could anyone decide my life and take away from me the joys of having you? I would had never permitted that.   

You see, they didn’t know you then, but I did. I had already seen you with my heart... and I loved you long before you were even formed.

Of all of my children, you are the one with eyes that can see the unseen. You are a sensitive soul; intuitive, caring, gentle, and a seeker of wisdom, always looking for purpose and meaning. Your life has no artificiality but, rather, a radiation of inner richness. You’re a sweet reward to me, and a blessing from above.

I couldn’t be any prouder than I am today of you; I loved you from the start. It’s a privilege to be your mother. Happy Birthday, Brian!

( Isn't he handsome!)